Course Info


Biology is the first of the Regents-level science courses offered at Salmon River. As such, it requires a mature commitment to be successful. You will need to work hard when you don't want to, accept responsibility for your own progress when you'd rather not, and keep trying when it would be easier to quit.

The course is divided into two components:

There will be homework activities and quizzes on a fairly regular basis. Although these don't have a huge affect on your class grade, they are still a vital part of the learning process. Also, low grades and missed assignments can add up to drag down an average if the student accumulates enough of them. Since homework assignments are usually reviewed in class on the day they're due, these assignments can't be made up. Quizzes can only be made up under special conditions (see my schedule for available times).

The New York State Board of Regents sets the laboratory requirements for this course. Every student is expected to complete all assigned lab activities. From these activities the Board of Regents requires each student to satisfactorily complete 1200 minutes of lab instruction. "Satisfactory completion" means a grade no lower than 65% on each lab. Don't let incomplete labs pile up on you. They count for 25% of your biology grade! Even one incomplete lab at the end of the marking period will give you an incomplete on your report card.