Saxon Math




Attention Parents:

Your child will be bringing home math work every night, except for Fridays.  The math homework usually consists of a fact sheet (B side) and a written homework sheet (B side).  The A side of  both sheets will be completed in class together. The A side can be used as an example of how to do the problem on the B side.  Your child will also be getting a math fact card envelope with math fact cards.  It is very important to have your child practice their math facts nightly.  We will be adding new facts weekly starting with addition facts (beginning of the year), then subtraction (middle of the year), and multiplication (end of the year).  Please add their new fact cards to the envelope when they get them and keep them at home to practice with. We usually have a math assessment every Friday.  If your child regularly completes the homework and practices their math fact cards, they will do well on the math assessments.


What we will be learning about in September:

  • Reading and Identifying Numbers to 100

  • Identifying Right and Left

  • Identifying One More and One Less Than a Number

  • Telling and Showing Time to the Hour

  • Writing Numbers to 100

  • Addition Facts: Doubles to 18 (Ex. 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6, etc...)

  • Identifying Ordinal Position to the Sixth

  • Creating and Reading a Repeating Pattern

  • Identifying and Acting Out Some, Some More Stories

  • Comparing numbers to 50

  • Comparing and Ordering Objects by Size (Area)

  • Addition facts: Adding 0 and Adding 1

  • Identifying Addends, Sums, and the Communative Property of Addition

  • Numbering a clock face

  • Identifying the Time One Hour Ago and One Hour From Now

What we will be learning about in October:

  • Identifying Even and Odd Numbers

  • Identifying Ordinal Position to the Twelfth

  • Addition Facts: +2

  • Identifying Weekdays and Days of the Weekend

  • Creating and Reading a Pictograph

  • Identifying Polygons

  • Identifying Fractional Parts of a Whole

  • Addition Facts: +9

  • Creating a Color Pattern

  • Identifying and Sorting Geometric Shapes by Attribute

  • Shading One Half of a shape

  • Dividing a Square in Half Two Different Ways

  • Addition Facts: Doubles +1

  • Show time to the Half Hour

  • Reading a Thermometer to the Nearest 10 Degrees

  • Counting Dimes and Pennies



What we will be learning about in November:

  • Writing Addition and Subtraction Fact Families

  • Addition Facts: Sums of 8 and 9

  • Identifying Geometric Shape Pieces That are Alike in Only One Way

  • Creating and Reading A Bar Graph

  • Tallying/ Counting by 5's

  • Identifying Horizontal, Vertical and Oblique Lines

  • Dividing a Whole Into Halves, Fourths, and Eighths

  • Addition Facts: Sums of 10

  • Weighing Objects Using Nonstandard Units


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