Pre-K Curriculum & Themes

Let's Go!

Week 1: Meet the Letter People: A to I

Week 2: Meet the Letter People: J to Z

At Home

Week 1: Mr. N Noisy Nose
What's My Name

Week 2: Ms. W Wonderful Words
How's the Weather?

Week 3: Ms. P Pointy Patches
My Body

Week 4: Mr. H Happy Hair
I'm Healthy

At School 

Week 1: Mr. M Munching Mouth
All About My Senses

Week 2: Ms. A A'Choo!
We All Have Feelings

Week 3: Mr. B Beautiful Buttons
We Share

At The Park

 Week 1: Ms. K Kaboom Kick
We're Kind

Week 2: Mr. D Dazzling Dance
Families Help Each Other

Week 3: Ms. F Funny Feet
We're All Different

Week 4: Mr. O Opposite
What is Opposite?

At the Doctor's Office

Week 1: Mr. C Colossal Cap
Everyone Needs Food

Week 2: Ms. E Exercise Energy
Exercise Keeps Us Healthy

Week 3: Ms. Y Yodeling Yawn
Rest Keeps Us Healthy

In the Community

Week 1: Mr. G Gooey Gum
Earth is Our Home

Week 2: Ms. T Tall Teeth
On the Go---Safely

Week 3:  Ms. S Super Socks
We Take Care of our Pets

At The Zoo

Week 1: Mr. R Rainbow Ribbons
The Petting Zoo

Week 2: Mr. Z Zipping Zippers
Wild Animals

Week 3: Mr. I Impossible Inches
Insects Everywhere

In The Garden

 Week 1: Ms. V Vegetable Vest
Seeds and Plants

Week 2: Ms. L Longest Laugh
Light and Dark

Week 3: Ms. U Unusual Umbrella

At the Museum

Week 1: Mr. Q Quiet Questions
Dinosaurs Long Ago

Week 2: Ms. J Jingle, Jingle Jacket
Exploring Sounds

Week 3: Mr. X   Different
Planets and Stars


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