Policies, Rules and Procedures


The purpose of this page is to keep parents, guardians and students appraised of current and new school policies as well as classroom polices.
Homework Policy: Homework is started in class. It is your child's responsibility to begin their homework in class.  This is an opportunity for them to ask questions if they are confused, get additional help and complete assignments. All homework is due the morning after it is assigned unless otherwise specified. Students are responsible to write down their homework for the evening at the end of class in their planners.  At the end of the day before dismissal at 2:30 students review and record what is assigned for homework. This is another opportunity for them to record all homework assignments for the evening.

SAXON MATH HOMEWORK POLICY: Saxon Math homework will be assigned Monday thru Thursday. Students must complete assigned problem sets on a nightly basis.  In addition to problem sets, correcting fact practices are essential in maintaining a solid math average. For Saxon Math a passing average is 80%, higher than other programs.  If your child does not have a passing grade they will be a candidate for AIS or summer school.  Advice- DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!


Below are two examples of how grades are calculated. See how much a 0% average can effect


Little Johnny's Math grades.

90+80+85+70+80= 81%

What happens to Johnny's grade if he has one 0%? Let's see.


Little Johnny's Grade dropped  17% as a result of him not handing in one assignment. Do your homework!!!


What do I do if  my child is unable to do their homework?
I understand that things come up during the evening that are out of your child's control.  I understand that many parents spend their evenings after work running around dropping children off at afterschool activities and sports.  Family emergencies come up at unexpected times which result in homework not getting done.  If your child is unable to complete their assignments because one of these instances, here is what you as their parent or guardian.  WRITE A NOTE  TO ME EXPLAINING WHY HOMEWORK DID NOT GET DONE. Make sure you sign and date the note:

Example of Note:

                                                          September 4,2010

Mr. Bish,

Little Timmy did not get his homework done last night because we had
to make an emergency trip to Syracuse for family. Please allow him an
extra day complete his homework.


                                                        John Q. Public

What do I do if my child volunteers to not do their homework?
Your child NEEDS to complete their homework. As mentioned before homework teaches responsibility. If your child ops to not do their homework I will take some of their time for them to complete their homework. ( i.e.: Recess, Free Time, of After School)  On late bus days transportation is provided. If your child does not complete their homework on a non late bus days they must arrange for transportation home or go to Latch Key.


School Policies:  Please consult your child's student book if their are any questions about Salmon River Central School District policies.

Classroom Rules

1. Be respectful of others, teachers, staff, classroom materials and self!

2. Be safe! Be mindful others personal space. No running in school! Keep hands,
feet, other body parts to yourself. Be safe with all classroom materials.

3. Be Responsible for your actions, emotions, feelings, attitude, personal property,
work, workspace and storage bay.

4. Be ready!  You are preparing for next year.  "I forgot, I don't know, I don't care, My dog ate my work, I lost it", are not acceptable responses!  Bring all materials, assignments, workbooks, notes, pencils to class and a positive attitude to class everyday.



Daily Classroom Procedures: When your child enters the classroom they must do the following everyday. Monday thru Friday

1. Sign in on classroom attendance sheet. Say good morning to Mr. Bish
2. Turn over your attendance card from absent to present 
3.Complete task/bell ringer on the Smartboard before leaving for breakfast
4. If you go to breakfast go. If you do not go to break fast read silently at your desk. No loitering in the hallway at any time.
5. Turn in all homework assignments before 8:30 a.m.

Bathroom Procedures: 

1.Students may use the bathroom only after instruction or assigned bathroom break time.
2.Students must sign out of the room. Time Out/ Time In
3. Only one child of each gender out at a time. One boy, One Girl at a time!


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