First Grade
Music Resources


First music classes concentrate on building a music repertoire by continuing to learn new songs and nursery rhymes.
Skills we work are:
    * rounds
    * traditional songs
    * Silly motions songs

First Grade Themes
Welcome Back to School Theme 1
All Together Now!
Theme 2
Surprise Around
Theme 3
Let's Look Around
Theme 4
Family and Friends
Theme 5
Home Sweet Home
Theme 6
Animal Adventures
Theme 7
We Can Work it Out
Theme 8
Our Earth
Theme 9
Special Friends
Theme 10
We Can Do It!

Welcome Back to School
Down By the Bay
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Theme 1 - All Together Now
Skills: Animal Names & Sounds, rhyming words, Letter, m,s,c,t,n,f,p,b,r,h,g, short a words

The More we Get Together
A Hunting We Will Go
Looby Loo
Hokey Pokey
London Bridge
Oats Peas Beans
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
Aiken Drum
Down By the Bay
Old MacDonald
Willaby Wallaby Wee


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