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Music Learning Community Free Games
Creating Music by Morton Subotnick
Music QUizzes, Games, Worksheets and
Music Theory Help by Ms. Garrett
The Piano Player by funbrain
Eek Shark --- note names
Note Press Distress---rhythms

Music Advocacy


Johann Sebastian Bach (Baroque) William Billingsley
Johannes Brahms Walter Carlos (Electronic Genius)
Ludwig van Beethoven (Classical) Aaron Copland
Frederic Chopin Miles Davis (Master of Jazz)
Claude Debussy ( Impressionism) Bob Dylan (Poet of the People)
George Frederic Handel Stephen Foster (American Troubadour)
Franz Josepf Haydn George Gershwin
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  (Classical) Charles Ives (Musical Explorer)
Sergei Prokofiev John Philip Sousa ( The March King)
Franz Schubert William Still ( Afro-American Composer)
Clara Schumann John Williams
Robert Schumann  
Petr Ilicyh Tchaikovsky  


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