Click on the blocks to get to starfall.com, a great site to review abc's!

 Academics:  We will be reviewing the alphabet. Students should be able to identify each letter and the sound each letter makes. Students will also have a reading envelope with 4 books per week.  Envelopes go home on Monday and need to be returned on Friday each week. In class, we will be listening and responding to stories, drawing illustrations with detail, color and background and practicing correct letter formation using the Handwriting Without Tears Program (capital letters first).  Saxon Math: each day begins with calendar skills.  Beginning Math concepts include shape, number, color review.  Please check your child's home school journal each night for any notes from school.

Sight Words:  We are working on List One.  Please review these words with your child each night. 


                   my                 I

                   like               see

                    to                 and

                   go                 here

                   an                  for

                 said                 she

                   he                  have

                  at                    play

                 are                     is