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 We are as busy as can be!  Here's what we do in Kindergarten each day!


8:00:  Students arrive, put coats and book bags in cubbies. 

8:05:  Breakfast in cafeteria.

8:30:  Attendance.

8:30-9:05: Response to Intervention (R.T.I.)

9:10-9:40:  Morning Special:

 A,C,E day.... Mohawk (Mrs.Elijah)

 B,D,F day.... Phys. Ed. (Mr. LaVack)


9:45-10:55- Saxon Math Lesson

             -Handwriting Without Tears


11:00-11:30: LUNCH!!!!!


            A Day....Science/Social Studies

            B Day....Library (Mrs. Palmer)

            C Day....Science/Social Studies

            D Day....Art (Ms. Thompson)

            E Day....Technology (Mr. Brown)

            F Day....Music (Mr. Hahn)

12:00-1:30:  ELA BLOCK (Reader's & Writer's Workshop)

                Science/Social Studies topics are integrated.

1:30:           Snack

1:40-2:15:     Recess/Remediation

2:20:           Prepare to go home!

2:30:           Board Buses