"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn."

Mrs. Davey
Multi-age Grades K-2
St. Regis Mohawk School


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Houghton Mifflin Reading For Kids ONLY! Homework



HM for Kids



Shopping from Dragon Gets By by Dav Pilkey

Dragon Gets By


Consonant Practice


Vocabulary Word Game


Online Word Sort for short A and I


Beginning Letter Sound Practice


Meet the Author


Dav Pilkey Website


Teaching Your Students about Nutrition


Food Pyramid Game


Vocabulary Game


-an Word Families


-at Word Families



Julius by Angela Johnson



Vocabulary Word Game


Online Word Sort for short 0, U and E


Meet the Author


Vocabulary Game


Julius Website page by illustrator Dav Pilkey


-et Family


-og Family


-ug Family


Short e


Short o



Mrs. Brown Went to Town by Wong Herbert Yee

 Mrs. Brown Went to Town


Online Word Sort for Long A and I


Wong Herbert Yee's Homepage


Long a


Silent e


Long i Silent e


Silent e


Silent e


Vocabulary Game


Spelling Practice


Vocabulary Practice


Long A Story



Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night by Cynthia Rylant   

Henry and Mudge



Nature WalkTheme Opener



Online Word Sort for Long E, O and U


Compound Word PPT


Compound Boogie PPT by  RoseAnn Patenaude


Cause and Effect PPT by Dianna Burke


Long 0


Long o Story


Long u Story


Long o Practice


Long u Practice



 Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett by Alice K. Flanagan

Exploring Parks with

Ranger Dockett


Vocabulary Word Game


Online Word Sorts for Consonant Clusters


Online Words Sort for Two Sounds for C


Smokey's Kids


Antonym PPT


Vocabulary Practice







Around the Pond: Who's Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George

Around the Pond:

Who's Been Here?


Vocabulary Word Game


Online Word Sort for Double Consonants


Make your own virtual pond!




Vocabulary PPT


Multiple Meaning Words PPT


Spelling Practice


Vocabulary PPT











Chinatown by William Low




Online Word Sort for Digraphs


ch Practice


sh Story


th Practice


wh Story



A Trip to the Firehouse by Wendy Cheyette Lewison

A Trip to the Firehouse

Online Word Sort for ai, ay

Online Word Sort for Compound Words

Virtual Firehouse Tour

Fire Safety for Kids 

Fire Safety Unit Ideas



Big Bushy Mustache by Gary Soto


Big Bushy Mustache


Online Word Sort for Suffixes




Jamaica Louise James by Amy Hest

Jamaica Louise James

Online Word Sort for ee, ea





Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann


Officer Buckle and Gloria


Online Word Sort for AR words


Online Word Sort for OR, ORE


-or Game

About Peggy Rathmann

-or Booklet

-or Word Builder

-or WordBuilder #2 

Meet the Author

Vocabulary Game




Ant by Rebecca Stefoff




Online Word Sort for -nd, -ng, -nk, -nt, -mp


Story Resources


Online Resources



The Great Ball Game by Joseph Bruchac

The Great Ball Game


Online Word Sort for ow and oa


Story Resources


Guided Reading Lesson




Brothers & Sisters by Ellen B. Senisi

Brothers and Sisters


Guided Reading Lesson


-er Game


oa Poem


oa Game


Meet the Author


Vocabulary Game





Jalepeño Bagels by Natasha Wing

Jalapeo Bagels


Vocabulary Game


Contraction Bingo


Online Word Sort for Contractions


Contraction Jeopardy PowerPoint


About the Author


Contraction Game


Contraction Game


Contraction Game


Contraction Game


Contraction Jeopardy PowerPoint


-er Practice



Carousel by Pat Cummings



Online Word Sort for Prefixes


Homophone Game #1


Homophone Game #2


Homophone Game #3


Homophone Game #4


Y as a Vowel


Vocabulary Match


About the Author





Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco

Thunder Cake


Online Word Sort for -ed, -ing #1


Suffix Game  


Sequencing Game


The Water Cycle


Patricia Polacco's Website


kn Game






The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola

The Art Lesson


Online Word Sort for OO


Reader's Theatre


About the Author


OO Game



Moses Goes to a Concert by Isaac Millman

Moses Goes to a Concert


Online Word Sort for -igh, y, and long I


Practice -gh words


Meet the Author


San Francisco Symphony for Kids


Making Music Game


Vocabulary Game 



The School Mural by Sarah Vázquez

The School Mural


Online Word Sort for -ed,-ing #2


Vocabulary Game


Meet the Author



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