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What are the 5 components of reading (Fab 5)? 

Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency and Comprehension

What tests are required for my child?

Testing depends not only on grade level but also on state and district guidelines.  Feel free to contact your child's teacher or myself for further information.

What happens if my child does not pass the tests?

If your child falls below the benchmark level on testing, he or she will receive intervention services.  That means that a child gets extra help with reading instruction during school hours.  Every child who receives intervention services is also progress monitored.  Progress monitoring helps the instructor to know whether or not the extra instruction is helping the child become a better reader. 

*You will be notified if your child is in need of intervention.

How often is my child tested?

All children are tested at least 3 times per year, September, January and May.  Children who fall below the benchmarks are tested more often.  Children who are slightly below are tested monthly and children who are far below benchmark are tested every 2 weeks.

Why are we so focused on fluency testing?

All students in New York State in Grades 3-8 are being tested on timed English Language Arts tests.  Research has shown that students who read more than 80 correct words per minute have a 91% chance of scoring at grade level on reading comprehension.

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