Missing Assignments

Check the list below to ensure that you have completed all of the assignments for this quarter. If you think you are missing any, see Mrs. Gagnier or click on the link for the assignment to print it and complete it. All assignments must be handed in to Mrs. Gagnier to receive credit.

Grade 9

Hero response

"The Odyssey" Part 1 vocabulary quiz

"The Odyssey" Part 2 vocabulary quiz

"The Odyssey" Part 3 vocabulary quiz

God/Goddess Speech

"The Odyssey" Part 3 response (p. 866 in text)

"The Odyssey" Part 4 prediction

"The Odyssey" Part 4 Art Response

"The Odyssey" Music Response

Extra Credit

Grade 9 Honors

Hero response

Poetry Collection

Poetry Test

"The Odyssey" Part 1 vocabulary quiz

"The Odyssey" Part 2 questions 1-5, 10, 13 (p. 846 in text)

Extra Credit

Grade 12

Hamlet Act I response

Vocabulary 4 quiz

Tuesdays with Morrie response

Hamlet Act II response

Hamlet Act III, scene ii response

Extra Credit

Letter to a "Teacher"

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