Exploring Parks With Ranger Dockett


Alice K. Flanagan

Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett by Alice K. Flanagan

Did you you know that there are beautiful parks right in the middle of busy cities? Visit Park Ranger Dockett in New York City as he explores nature and learns about the wild life in his park.

If you would like to learn more about this story, the author Alice K. Flanagan, and see other books that he has written, please visit the following website: http://eduplace.com/kids/hmr06/gr2/gr2_th1_sel1.html


This week our spelling words each begin with a "consonant cluster." A cluster contains two consonants that each keep their own sound. Please practice these words each day. You will have a spelling test on Friday.

This Week's Spelling Words:

trip swim step nest
club stone next brave
glad lost space storm

This week's vocabulary words:
Please be sure to review these words and their meanings.

exploring studying or looking into
habitat the place where a plant or animal normally lives or grows
protect to keep from harm, attack, or injury
ranger a person who works in and watches over a forest or park
tours short trips for seeing someplace
urban having to do with or located in a city
statues forms molded or carved out of materials such as stone, clay, metal, or wood


This week's sight words:
Please be sure you can read these sight words immediately without sounding out.

put through walk little
busy important later touch
young where many