Notes to Families




Dear Families,

Thank you for checking our class web site! The best way to contact me is to send me an e-mail. I am usually able to respond very soon after receiving it.

This year your child will have homework each day, except on Friday or before a vacation.

The following should be completed each day:

  • Complete any Math homework sheets (Please check and correct before sending it in to school)

  • Read one book or chapter and have your child write the title on the Home-School Journal (please be sure to read with your child and fill in the folder)

  • Practice sight word cards

  • Practice Math fact cards

  • Check the Home-School Journal for any notes, and feel free to write notes to the teacher

Many students have not been reading each night for the ELA Book Campaign. PLease be sure to read each day and help your child fill in one line on their Home-School Journal. Remember: Your child should read 18 books per month (one book per day) at home with you. If there isn't a new book in the folder you may reread an old one or read a book from your child's at home library.

Please be sure to check bookbags each day and help your child find a quiet place to concentrate. Helping with homework will make your child more successful!