About Our Program 

The family seems to be the most effective and economic system for fostering and sustaining the child’s development.  Without family involvement, intervention is likely to be unsuccessful, and what few effects are achieved are likely to disappear once the intervention is discontinued.”  (Bronfenbrenner, 1974)

Lullabies to Literacy is a family literacy program held at the Salmon River Campus School for Pre-k families. The program completed its third year in June '09.  Participants begin the evening by enjoying a free meal prepared by members of the Salmon River cafeteria staff. After dinner, Mrs. Suzanne Binion and Mrs. Eva Durant present mini-workshops to parents, daycare providers, and grandparents, while Mrs. Shannon Beaudin teaches songs and rhymes, etc., to the young children. Mrs. Beaudin is aided by high school volunteer students. After the 20-minute workshop session, the parents and children work together to produce a literacy project. A song and rhyme segment and a book giveaway complete the evening's activities.

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