Social Studies


        Social Studies will dominate our days until our Assessment on November 16 & 17.  Please do not get discouraged in the early parts of the preparation process.  Please try to help and explain as much as you can in the multiple choice book.  I understand that they have not seen much of the material.  We will make them familiar with the material by the time the test comes. 

        The students, and parents alike, may see the essay portion as a very large and seemingly unattainable task at this point.  This is very normal.  The students have not had the chance to work with documents in this manner.  They will become experts in writing essays based on documents. 

    Here is the format of the Assessment



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P.S.  While you are on this webpage, take a look at some of the key terms that we need to know for the Social Studies Test in November.

Part 1: November 16, 2009
 A.  35 Multiple Choice questions.  Their yellow multiple choice books are  made up of old tests.  If you look through them you will see that many of the questions repeat themselves from test to test.
B.    3 Constructed Response passages with questions.



Part 2:November 17, 2009
Documents Based Questioning (DBQ):         In this part of the Assessment, the students will have approximately 6 documents to construct an essay from.  Before the students write the essay, they will have about 2-3 *scaffolding questions to answer.  
*Scaffolding questions are set up to guide the students toward the information needed for the essay.  "Scaffolding," means to support while building.





Important Dates



November 16 & 17:  New York State Social Studies Assessment



Key Terms



Please go over the study cards with your child.  They should be able to answer these facts by heart. 

  1. Nuclear Family

  2. Extended Family

  3. Clans

  4. Nomadic or nomads

  5. Tribe

  6. Community

  7. Civilization

  8. Culture- This term has been on every NYS Social Studies Assessment!!!

  9. Environment

  10. Climate

  11. Irrigation

  12. Masons

  13. Religion

  14. Artifacts

  15. Pharaohs

  16. Afterlife

  17. Pyramids in Egypt (Egyptians)

  18. Pyramids in South America (Mayans)

  19. Rituals

  20. Tradition

  21. Artisans

  22. Apprentice

  23. Craftsman

  24. Aristocracy

  25. Self-Sufficient

  26. Commerce



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