Star Lab Links

Constellations  What is a Constellation?- Video

 Make your own Constellations!

Enchanted Learning

88 Constellations

Mythology of the Constellations



Greek Mythology Scholastic- 278 Resources and Activites

Kidipede- History and Science for Middle School Kids

Greek Mythology for Kids

Other Mythology links

Mythweb - Gods, Heroes, and Today

Mythman- homework help

Jason and The Argonauts - Mythweb



Native American Legends Scholastic- 60 Resources and Activities

Two Native American Stories that explain the sky

Native American Legends, Myths, and Lore

American Indian Starlore

Native American Legends

Stargazers- astronomy around the world



Teacher Resources  Creating Constellations

Constellations Mythology Examples

Make a Star Finder

Encylopedia Mythica

A guide to the Constellations

Greek myth summaries

Story Time