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Frequently Asked Questions

What days does my child stay after for extra help?

 On Thursday, I keep students until 3:15 for AIS. 

 In case of an Emergency Dismissal, How will I know that school is being dismissed?

Your local radio/ TV station will have updates. Please note your child will not be left unattended at your home. I will follow the emergency paperwork you filled out at the start of the school year. 

In case of a snow day, What is the next letter day?

We do not skip letter days. Our next school day will be the letter day missed.

How do I contact the teacher if I have a question?

You may contact me by writing an e-mail (, jotting a note in your child's student planner or by calling me.  The best time to reach me at school is when the students have a special (see schedule icon) or after school (2:30-3:15pm.)

Will my child have homework in first grade?

Yes!  Please check your child's homework folder and planner on a daily basis.  Every night your child needs to read a book from her/his book baggie as well as practice sight word cards.  Also, math homework is usually assigned Monday through Thursday.

How many books does my child need to read each month?

To meet the ELA Book Campaign goal, each student must read 18 books each month.  The titles and authors of books are to be written in your child's book log.

What if my child is absent from school?

Please send in a written excuse for each missed day of school.  Excuse forms can be found in the front of the home school journal.  Any missed work will be sent home with the student upon her/his return to school.  You may contact me if your child will be out for an extended time (surgery, severe illness, etc.) and I will prepare a packet for home.

When is my child considered tardy?

Classes begin promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Any student arriving after this time is tardy.  If your child arrives after 8:20 a.m. make sure that she/he has eaten because breakfast is will be over.

Is breakfast served when school is delayed due to bad weather?

If school is delayed one hour breakfast will be served.  However, if there is a two hour delay breakfast will not be served so please feed your child before she/he comes to school.


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